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Re-normalize not feeling like crap

71% of knowledge workers said they experienced burnout in 2020, according to a study done by Asana. In a culture that rewards working 80 hours a week and where busy is worn as a badge of honor, it's no wonder we're fried.

Enter: Holistic Burnout Prevention

Holistic Burnout Prevention is the practice of reclaiming your time, working at a sustainable pace, and prioritizing time-tested healthy habits. All without sacrificing your definition of success.

I'll show you how >

Holistic Burnout Prevention

Treat the cause of burnout,
not the symptoms

Why Holistic Burnout Prevention, not just burnout prevention?

Today's approach to burnout prevention is broken: Step off the hamster wheel just long enough to meditate before jumping right back on. Step off for an email-filled vacation and then right back on. Maybe even breathe some essential oils while you're running on the hamster wheel!

With this approach, you're only treating the symptoms of burnout, not the cause.

Holistic Burnout Prevention throws out the hamster wheel altogether. It's an intentional mindset shift to log off regularly, redefine success, and establish simple healthy habits.

Let's simplify this mindset shift >

A world without burnout from work

Holistic Burnout Prevention is the culmination of my research and several years spent slowly reconstructing my habits from the ground up to avoid burnout.

Topics include: defining success, creating strong boundaries around work, controlling your information diet, nutrition, and movement.

I've set out to create a world without burnout from work.

Join me >

Holistic Burnout Prevention

The burnout prevention playbook I wish I had

👋 Hi, I'm Grant Gurewitz. I've spent nearly a decade in the fast-paced world of high-growth tech companies. I accomplished the so-called American Dream by the time I was 27. Yet, I didn't feel much of a sense of accomplishment.

Why? I was working constantly. I wasn't eating well. I wasn't moving my body enough. I was chasing the next shiny thing. And I was constantly reading and listening to self-help content which made me feel the need to constantly re-optimize my habits. Nothing was ever good enough.

I was running around the hamster wheel experiencing deep burnout. I just didn't know it. Until it hit me. Right. In. The. Face.

While enjoying a summer weekend with family, yet another work "emergency" happened. This was the moment my burnout meter entered the red—and the last time I'd allow work stress on my time.

I spent the next few years figuring out how to breakup with burnout. The solution didn’t click fully into place until I took two bike rides that changed my mindset on just about everything.

🚴 The first ride was 30 miles. I took only one break halfway through. I was out of gas and struggled hard for the last few miles.

🚴 The second ride was 36 miles. I took several breaks and took it easy at several points. While a longer ride, I still had more energy when I was done.

This insight, to place great attention on when to speed up, when to downshift, and when to take a break (and be completely at peace doing so) led me to coining the term and creating the practice of Holistic Burnout Prevention.

Since I never found an effective playbook for coming back from and keeping burnout away for good, I decided to create it myself.
Holistic Burnout Prevention is the playbook so many of you have told me you need. I look forward to being your guide and sharing what I've learned.

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